Congratulations, Mision Accomplished!

@alyazabirze @Zilchexo 0905f90b598cd798 Applaud, applaud! I’m once again stalked by KiwiFarmers after months of staying off their radar! A job well-done indeed! But alas, I’m very difficult to doxx and even harder to find, so your dreams and hopes of having a white supremacist murder me on behalf of your masters is most likely in vain. Make no mistake that every time you said “Yes Kween, whatever you say King uwu”, you have contributed to the abuse and perhaps murder of likely innocent people, and one day the 8-legged hellhound called karma is going to come home to roost. And now I get to - dare I say it? - play vicious! I shall be laughing my ass off all the way when the wolves come tearing you apart limb from limb; perhaps next time you’ll think twice before picking on an overcompensating person with barely treated mental illness because - guess what? - their socio-political background made quality treatment difficult to come by, regardless of their skin color. If not out of the good of a heart that I know you to not have, then out of fear of revenge and reprisal, for I’m every bit as obsessive and vengeful as your masters, and while I do not have pathetic cronies like you serving at my beck and call, I’m more than a legion by myself in the ether of the Internet.