Current To-Do List for the Instance

this list as of 2/26. let me know if i need to change anything

Primary priorities

  • Reform the co-op and how it works. The main thread for this is here. @kawaiipunk has suggested a basic path for reforming the co-op here.
    • Establish who is and is not a member of the co-op clearly. The current consensus for this seems to be that all members of the instance should remain members of the coop, as is currently the case.
    • Look over the co-op’s documents (Values & Mission Statement, Governance Policy, Code of Conduct, and Guidelines) and modify them as needed to reflect the purposes and goals of the co-op and the instance. This should also generally reflect any changes we apply to the instance itself if we consult an external advisor.
    • Promote the to-do list for the co-op. @GwenfarsGarden and @Puffinux compiled this previously and it currently contains the best non-financial ways to support the co-op as we establish what we want to do with it.
  • Work out the financial situation of the co-op and what it can afford. The main thread for this is here.
  • Decide whether or not we need an external advisor. The main thread for this is here. As of current, there are a number of things we need to work out as a part of this:
    • Work out the financial situation of the co-op, as detailed above.
    • Work out the changes we need to make to co-op documents and the purposes and goals of the co-op and instance, as detailed above.
    • Decide on who we want to be our external advisor. We have several people we could consult with, finances permitting.
  • Establish a decision-making process. The main thread on this is here.

Secondary priorities

  • Establish a basic content warning system, to be developed in tandem with any suggestions for the instance and coop. @alyazabirze has a basic proposal for this to be implemented pending what we decide on for decision making.
  • Potentially establish other ways to financially contribute to the co-op besides OpenCollective. See this post on Mastodon for more discussion on this.

Completed priorities

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I made this post a wiki so others can edit. Hope that’s ok.

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I’ve done the cashflow/budget and info about projected income and expenditure is here: What can we afford financially as a co-op?

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