Gaslighter and Ableist Over a Trans Woman of Color

Well done Alyaza, you just proved everything I said about you is right: you’re an ableist and elitis little shit that call an autistic POC “idiot” because it’s more politically correct than the r-slur, guilt-tripping her for not having enough spoons to participate in the co-op, EVEN IF I EXPLICITLY STATED THIS MIGHT BE THE CASE. But last but not the least, you’re a gaslighter who tries to play on colorism by exposing DMs send in confidence out of context, to make people think I’m racist against black people, even if I had an entire fucking thread condemning anti-black racism in Asians. But of course this is all fine and dandy for the rest of you, because I’m only one bipolar Asian bitch, so why not throw me under the bus to win woke points with the entire user base of PV? And of course this is all acceptable to you, because none of you did anything when Flussence - who compared all POCs to cockroach at once - did the exact same thing to me, with his only “evidence” being a thread made by people with personal grudge against me.

Nobody else is going to say it, so here. Literally shut the fuck up. You don’t get to call something gaslighting just because you don’t like it. You are wrapping your selfishness in activist language and it’s disgusting. Aly never said anything about you being racist, and you ARE an idiot. “Idiot” was used very briefly to describe an IQ class, but before, during, and after that was an insult that had nothing to do with ability. And let’s be clear, you deserve to be insulted. There is no excuse for your behavior. Log the fuck off and get a grip on what matters.
You can call me ableist or racist or whatever but it’s not going to land because I am all of the things you are. And that includes “a massive honking idiot”.

Yeah, no, none of this is helpful. I get that ppl are allowed to express their anger, but this is destructive.
I have difficulties getting who did what and how. But regardless on who is “wrong”, slurs should never be thrown at others like this. We should also know better than lashing out about someone on the public TL without any CW, especially when the OP is a moderator and the other person part of minorities.
Let’s remember this could have potentially led to a suicide.
Now, I won’t discuss my exact opinion on here bc this is not the right topic to do so, and I invite everyone to do the same.