Hiring an external advisor

Hiring someone external was discussed since a while and now ArtistMarcia from playvicious offered to help. https://playvicious.social/@ArtistMarciaX/103699503577510544

So, in this thread we should discuss if we hire them and if yes, how this would look like, we should at least have some kind of idea to come up with instead of throwing them into the cold water I guess. Also the way they communicate with us would be important (e.g. there’s a time zone barrier for some as I think a good part of sbc is in Europe) as well as for how long the cooperation is planned.

Financing is another question. In the finance thread someone said we should plan with 300$, that would be a start but of course it also depends on their rate.

Apologies if something is unclear, I sometimes mess up English wording.


I hope we have enough money to do this. We’re just looking into it now:

I worry that we wouldn’t be able to pay someone a fair rate without additional funding :worried:

Rough ideas

  • We could pay someone to be a mod.
  • Or we could pay someone to make ongoing recommendations/proposals about how we could run things that we then implement. More of an advisor role.
  • There should be a clear spec of what the role entails.
  • The person would be working on a freelance basis and be paid transparently through OpenCollective (uses Paypal for payments).
  • We advertise the position to BAME communities on Mastodon
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I think we are definitely going to have to look into funding. This is something we need to do to keep our co-op sustainable anyways.

Hal mentioned something that we should probably do which is point people to a place where they can toss a few dollars toward funding something like this. as @squeakypancakes mentioned there we have the opencollective, but we also may want to look into something that’s more straightforward for people since the opencollective is kinda weird when it comes to just donating.


So it’s possible to do single donations in opencollective, would a small manual how to make them help? Or do you have setting up another way to donate in mind?


@ArtistMarciaX@playvicious.social has offered to help with this. I’ve asked them to give us an idea of their rates, to help us with budgeting.

I agree with RadioAngel that we may need to do some fundraising to help cover these costs (whether Marcia or another person/people).


Thanks for asking! I think this is a great opportunity we shouldn’t miss.

We also should make sure to archive whatever comes out of their potential counseling so that everyone including other instances dealing with similar problems can use it as a ressource.


We should draw up a job spec for this role. I’m making a wiki post so that others can edit. Feel free to change. Just hit the edit button.

Sunbeam City Community Safety Advisor

Role Brief


  • To act as a point of first contact for any members or people adjacent to our community if there are any community safety issues raised
  • Liaise with moderator volunteers
  • Welcome new users to the instance when possible
  • To observe any accountability process that is undertaken by the co-op and provide critique to volunteers and members where necessary
  • Help amplify marginalised voices of members and the adjacent community
  • To recognise and provide feedback on any diversity related issues within the co-op

Skills Needed

  • No formal qualifications required


You will be required to work one hour per week. This can be done whenever it is convenient for you.


18 Euros per hour. You will paid via Paypal using our OpenCollective. You would need to submit an invoice each month which will then be approved by the co-op.

You are responsible for your own tax affairs in your own country of residence and will technically be working as a freelancer.

Start Date

We would like a successful candidate to start as soon as they are able.

To Apply


Applications from women, LGBTQIA and/or people from a BAME or indigenous background are strongly encouraged. We welcome applications from people with disabilities. We are happy to discuss how we can best accommodate your needs.

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We will need someone to volunteer to collect any applications together. You can do this on Fedi or using our email. Email may be better for future records.

Should we have a quick informal interview with anyone who applies? I’m actually a bit worried because all this hiring stuff is an art in itself and I don’t want to mess anything up.

Maybe we should limit the length of the contract also to six months?

Here are the rates from Artist MarciaX.

Basic Consultation €120 p/h *Problem solving strategies
*Discussing ideas
*Basic research guidance

Research costs €100 p/w (Mon-Fri only,
totaling 4 hours a week)
*Required research to fully provide assistance in the development of ideas and or structure of project.

Consultation Package €450 (4 hours total)
*Problem solving strategies, discussing ideas
*Basic research guidance and assistance
*Additional time allocated for independent research of said topic

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To be honest, I’m not sure this is the right approach at the moment. I think we need to take a step back and hire a consultant to help us work out what SBC needs to do as a one-off first. Then, if it comes out of the consultation that this would be a good idea, we look for someone to undertake this kind of role.

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I’m inexpressibly thrilled this conversation has continued to progress past my impetus!

I reiterate that I advocated - and advocate - for first establishing a community purpose, and then using that to guide the decisions about what sort of consultation you need: is it going to be mostly drafting an organizational statement, or helping coach moderators, or something else?

I agree with collecting applications now, but would discourage doing more than checking them for missing information until, as Gwen says, folk work out what SBC needs to do.

(I hadn’t been suggesting a paid consultant for that, but a biiiig public conversation, but frankly I’m not seeing as many people from outside Sunbeam get involved here as I would have hoped.)


i think this mostly boils down to people both outside and inside the instance not having investment in the vast majority of this and people not really having the time or energy to contribute even if they wanted to.

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Re @emsenn: I reiterate that I advocated - and advocate - for first establishing a community purpose, and then using that to guide the decisions about what sort of consultation you need: is it going to be mostly drafting an organizational statement, or helping coach moderators, or something else?

Good point. Perhaps we should look at what’s currently on the Wiki and decide what needs changing, updating etc?

We have:
*Values and Mission Statement https://wiki.sunbeam.city/doku.php?id=values_and_mission_statement
*Governance policy https://wiki.sunbeam.city/doku.php?id=governance_policy (quite out of date, which @Puffinux and I had been working on prior to this process starting)
*Code of Conduct https://wiki.sunbeam.city/doku.php?id=code_of_conduct
*Guidelines https://wiki.sunbeam.city/doku.php?id=guidelines (also quite out of date)

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