History of the Sunbeam City server

Links to events, anecdotal descriptions etc of what has happened on Sunbeam City.

I’m thinking it might be useful to have a history of what’s happened, both recent and historic, so that people coming to discuss Sunbeam City that don’t have the context have more of an idea of what they’re dealing with.

A full and detailed description is far beyond the scope of one person to recount, so I welcome contributions.

While the root of the current discourse is Sunbeam City and its culture / residents, the discourse was kicked off by a block recommendation by emsenn about zxv, which garnered more boosts etc than anticipated, and the resulting thread, whose flaws attracted the attention of more vocal POC, and drew attention to SBC’s faults:

I interpret that zxv says “semi-secretly associating with fascists” is not true in emsenn’s context. Says they took on board what emsenn said and have not spoken to P, the admin of freespeechextremist, since they initially revealed they knew P personally and people, including emsenn, took issue with it and told zxv so. Proof of these conversations is now deleted because zxv’s account has been suspended and I didn’t think to take screenshots, however I’m not gonna lie about these things. There’s no proof as to what their relationship with P is like right now but they’ve said they have told P that their relationship is on hold until P steps down from being the admin of FSE. It seems like they are repeatedly not seeing how harmful their actions and associations can be, though they have said that they only engaged with P politically so as to work against the fascism. The rest of their relationship, from what I gather, revolves around software and programming.

emsenn’s call out of zxv and the resulting conversation caused emsenn to be subject to death threats and other abuse by P and their associates.

Related, magicalmilly’s counterpoints to my reply about her subtoots:

emsenn posted about the thoughts they’d put together on their site:

nev of social.coop asked about it:

My response:

ArtistMarciaX and Are0h 's recent posts on their profile timelines from the time are particularly relevant. I know that they’re (rightfully) respected for their understanding of racism.

Carin’s post on Loomio from a year back may be relevant when talking about the history of issues SBC has had:

The discussion has broadened into more general talk of whiteness and the issues with it on Sunbeam City (some of which are historic, some were invented from what I could tell in the time I spent looking into it), which in theory is a good thing. Some of the criticism is directed at me, because as I’ve said before, I’m white, cis, male, young, inexperienced and from a rural and very white area. That’s going to have a big impact on my breadth of understand. That’s not to say I’m intentionally out to hurt people or that any harm I cause should be excused, but it does mean that, to my frustration, I’m sometimes going to be racist, and / or reinforce the kyriarchy. For instance, in the threads in the links I just shared, I said some things I can now see are wrong, upsetting and reflect on my own ignorance more than anything else.


Q: How did SBC come into being?

I don’t know. I joined quite early on but there was a group already here. I suspect they knew each other from elsewhere.

I joined from a link in a telegram channel about a year ago, I think, didn’t used it very much before, but I remember is that there were already a (relatively) big community that knew each other somehow. I don’t see them anymore

From what I remember Cocoron(The creator of the instance) just wanted there to be a solarpunk instance to promote social ecology and the like. The point of the co-op was to govern the SBC services and decide on how to spend our budget.


I have never been on SBC (I have, however, been on lunarpunk.space for most of its existence, and I use the SBC Plume) but I’ve been on the Fedi long before it came into being and I remember it the same as squeakypancakes up there.

That Loomio link is dead now, do we have an archived version?

Loomio is back up if you need it.