How to handle access to our SBC infrastructure

Until now, our wiki and this Discourse have been open for everyone. For loomio you had to apply for the different themes and someone (who?) decided and confirmed or rejected.
The open structures are open for spam and while this went well for a while, sbc needs some process on how to decide on user applications.
I think this can wait until there’s a decision on what exactly a sbc member is, and then every sbc member will get accepted or something, but I wanted to bring this up as pfx disabled registrations on the wiki.

First thought is that some sort of Single Sign-On (SSO) thing would be good.

That is, if the problem is that non-SBC people are logging into these applications. If that’s not the problem, then idk what to do about it.

If we want to have a bunch of applications and services like this, it might be a good idea to take a look at how Framasoft and Disroot are structured.