Not Playing Oppression Olympics

No, I’m not done with being a mod, or SBC; I’m done with Fedi.


You’re never going to get rid of your racist problem by taking your cue from racists.

Are you ok? Did something happen?

I was wondering the same.

So some white person on SBC just told me that my dislike of their favorite POC is unfounded, assuming that I’m just ill-informed instead of having any real reasons. Yeah, all fine and dandy, nothing racist about this logic at all. Perfect timing too, make sure I’m too mad for lunch after I stayed up all night fighting a TERF like Richard Morgan. This is really starting to hurt my mental and physical health.

Would you be ok reporting them? You really shouldn’t be put in this position.

I can handle it, it just came at a bad time because I was already stressed from the Richard Morgan discourse

Ok, but you know it’s there if you need. Us white people have so much to learn, including understanding that POC are not a homogeneous group and will have different opinions.