Temporary transfer of Sunbeam City admin rights

Posting here in case anyone hadn’t seen it. @Puffinux has transferred the admin duties over to me for the time being until we can figure out a stable way to manage Sunbeam collectively.

My main presence on the fedi is at @liaizon@wake.st if you want to look through my posts and get a sense of who I am etc.

My main goal in stepping into this position at the moment is protecting a large part of the fediverse from imploding. And for the selfish reason that I have many friends on Sunbeam who I didn’t want to have them knocked off their first instance while they were away doing things in the rest of the world.

We have a lot of things to figure out. I think the first step is deciding how we make decisions and what the criteria is for getting a say in those decisions. What makes someone part of Sunbeam City and what is a valid reason for removing someone from being a part of SBC etc. Maybe much of this has already been figured out and if so we should just re initiate some form of agreement with those previous decisions.

Anyway, I am glad to have been in the right place and time to help facilitate the continuance of SBC into the future…


I can also vouch for @wakest. I have been friends with them on Scuttlebutt and Fedi for quite a while and they are very much a part of the community both online and IRL.

Thanks comrade for doing this!