Values and Mission Statement

One of the ‘to do’ tasks is t start looking at the SBC governance etc documents so we can update/amend them. I thought I’d start the topic with our Values and Mission Statement, all of the current text is below.

I was thinking this might be a good place to look at how we can decenter whiteness etc, since it’s the point from which the Co-op defines itself. What statement/value could we include here to start this? I was thinking of something active, about each member learning about how to start dismantling white supremacy culture? What do people think?

Values and Mission Statement


The purpose of the Sunbeam City Cooperative is promote what we believe to be the values of the solarpunk movement. These values include:

  • Post-Capitalism

  • Social, economic and ecological justice

  • Permaculture, green/appropriate tech, and sustainable living

  • Cooperation, community and mutual aid

  • Decentralisation, democracy and self-empowerment

  • Knowledge-sharing


The Sunbeam City cooperative will fulfil these values by:

  • Investing and running technologies which empower users, away from highly centralised structures

  • Educating and spreading awareness of the solarpunk and adjacent movements

  • Providing mutual aid for its members

  • Providing support for other groups who share our values

The Sunbeam City Cooperative aspires to the values set by the International Cooperative Alliance.


I hope this doesn’t seem tokenistic but I could propose that we add to Values something like:

Decolonisation and anti-imperialism

Just to be super explicit so people know what we’re working towards. Just saying this doesn’t make it true but it’s obviously a important critique of Solarpunk and anyone who doesn’t align with these values isn’t a good fit for our instance.

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I like that idea. A value along the lines of ‘actively dismantling the racism and white supremacy of their culture within themselves and the wider world?’ I’m not great at phrasing these things, but something to make explicit that not consciously holding racist/white supremacist views isn’t an end point and isn’t enough.

honestly i would suggest we have two points for this:

  • one specifically devoted to anti-fascism, since obviously anti-fascism is a tenet of leftism
  • and one about dismantling bigotry and supremacist ideas of all forms. i think we should be conscious of the fact that racism is not the only form of bigotry that needs to be tackled in people and that we’d be remiss to not include those. i think we should also be conscious of the fact that our userbase (and the fediverse in general) isn’t exclusively western and that there are non-western ideas of ethnic, national, or social supremacy which also need to be dismantled besides white supremacy. (also, i think it would just be more in line with our commitments toward dismantling hierarchy)
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So maybe we could add to the first section:
Anti-fascist and anti-imperialist.

And the second section:
Working to dismantle the racism, bigotry and white supremacist ideas in all forms, both within ourselves, as well as in the wider world

Not sure if this captures what everyone has said so far, so feel free to make alternative suggestions/wording!


yeah, that definitely sounds good. i think it manages to be inclusive without also obfuscating the point i was going for.

talking with @Zilchexo offsite and a few bullet points they have suggested for actually implementing our values/mission:

  • having an agenda of active projects we are working toward or want to accomplish in the future
  • find initiatives we can support once we have an agenda
  • find and support technologies we can use to implement our first mission point
  • network with projects which can help us carry out mission points three and four